Antelope Canyon

Over the years we have visited Antelope Canyon several times. It is a magical experience, even in the summer when the crowds of people create pandemonium in the confined slot canyon spaces.

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are slot canyons near Page, Arizona. Antelope Wash flows through the Navajo Nation on its way to Lake Powell, near the Glen Canyon Dam. "Flows" may not be the best term as the wash is usually dry. When it is not dry, it is often in a flash flood, complete with raging torrents of water, dirt, rocks, uprooted trees, and sundry debris picked up by the desert rain. 

Stay away if there is rain in the forecast anywhere in the surrounding area. People have been killed in flash floods in these canyons.

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Dusk & Beyond

Dusk & Beyond is a video collection of some of my favorite back and white photographs shot between dusk and dawn. Nighttime is an eery, mysterious time of day that lends itself well to black and white imagery. Setting it to a moody, jazz soundtrack, reminiscent of Miles, seemed appropriate.

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New Year's Daybreak at Faville Grove

I spent a chilly but beautiful New Year's morning watching the sun rise at Madison Audubon's Faville Grove Sanctuary. David Musolf and Roger Packard, the resident sanctuary managers, hosted a guided tour of the Buddy's Prairie portion of the sanctuary.

David and Roger have been crucial to the creation, development, and success of the Faville Grove Sanctuary since its beginning in 1998. I respect their passion and commitment to conservation.

I didn't count but I would say that about 20 people hiked along with us. I put together a video slideshow of the photos I took on the hike. Enjoy and please post any comments.

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Travels: Near & Far

My one-photographer show "Travels: Near & Far - Photographs by Jeff McDonald" just completed its September-October run  at one of our local galleries. My thanks to everyone that attended and to those who were kind enough to favor me with their wonderful comments. Special thanks to those who purchased prints.

To commemorate the show, I compiled the images and set them to a jazz soundtrack. Please check out the video below and share your comments.

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Faville Grove - I Had No Idea

I grew up about a mile or so, as the crow flies, east of the Crawfish River between Milford and Hubbleton, Wisconsin. Not that those places are well-known international landmarks but they are the closest crossing points, south and north, respectively.

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