2017 Photography Workshop: Beyond the Snapshot

Last year, the Whitewater Arts Alliance hosted, and Everett Long and I conducted, a photography workshop called "Photography Beyond the Snapshot". It was very well received and we were asked to hold another workshop this year.

The workshop has kept its name because we thought it was kind of catchy but we have revamped the content to emphasize some of the areas that we were not able to cover in depth last year due to limited time. So, for those who attended last year's event and are wondering if this will be the same stuff, the answer is it will be fresh and mostly different.

We encourage people to show their work. A great opportunity to do so is right around the corner the 8th Annual Fran Achen Photography Show

The benefits of participating in the Achen show (or in any public display of your artwork) are, to name a few:

  • Building your confidence as an artist,
  • An opportunity for your work to be seen by the public,
  • An opportunity for the public to see your work
  • Growing as an artist by viewing the work of others,
  • Meeting and talking to those with similar interests

Many people feel trepidation when thinking about showing their work to others, that's perfectly natural. Once you start showing your work, though, you begin to think less about your reluctance and more about what you can show the next time. Artistic self-confidence follows.

To that end, our agenda will start off something like this:

Selecting Your Work for Exhibition

Artistic considerations such as:

  • Attributes that make a compelling image
  • Suitability for a particular show or venue,

Technical considerations such as:

  • Does my image have enough resolution (pixels) to make a suitable print?
  • Does the aspect ratio (width to height ratio) lend itself to the method of framing I would like?

Preparing Your Work for Exhibition

Design decisions such as:

  • Whether to post-process or not to post-process,
  • The size to make your prints, 
  • The media upon which to print them, 
  • How you will get them produced.

Production steps such as:

  • Ordering prints from a service or printing them yourself,
  • Framing your prints,
  • Installing wire hangers.

Basic framing and installing wire hangers generated great interest at last year's workshop so  I produced an instructional video that demonstrates the entire process. The video can be found here. Since the video is pretty complete and may be paused, rewound, and replayed as often as desired (and is free), we will not be repeating this demonstration at the workshop, except to answer any questions.

The Making of...(a.k.a. How I Got the Shot)

We'll discuss specific types of outdoor photography, both to generate some creative ideas as well as to talk about specific challenges involved with each.

  • Sunrise/sunset
  • Photographing the moon
  • Photographing at night
  • Capturing motion
  • Photographing in fog
  • Long exposure
  • Photographing in slot canyons

The Importance of Advance Planning

  • Getting more satisfying results
  • Useful resources (books, apps, magazines, other)
  • Safety
  • Traveling with gear
  • Security of gear

Q&A and Tips

We will be answering questions throughout the workshop as they arise but will also have a segment oriented toward answering any questions that have been submitted in advance as well as any that arise during the presentation. Please send me any questions you may have via the contact form here.


If time permits we will discuss some of the following topics fundamental to photography:

  • Light, its properties, and how it changes throughout the day
  • Exposure, getting proper exposure and introducing creativity with exposure controls
  • Focus, depth of field, and acceptable sharpness
  • Camera shooting modes

Event Announcement:

From the Whitewater Arts Alliance event announcement:

FREE WAA Photography Workshop May 20

The Whitewater Arts Alliance is offering a FREE workshop "Photography: Beyond the Snapshot" which will be presented Saturday May 20 from 10am to 12pm at the Cultural Arts Center in Whitewater. 

Presenters Everett Long and Jeff McDonald are award winning Whitewater-based photographers. This beginning to intermediate level workshop will cover some photographic basics as well as give brief introductions to several specialized/advanced techniques. It will include question and answer and discussion segments.

The event is free and open to the public, all are welcome to attend.

More info at: www.whitewaterarts.org/photo-workshop.html

Please RSVP if you would like to attend so that we know how many chairs to arrange.

PS: We listened…several attendees of last year’s workshop expressed that the presenters were difficult to hear at times. The generosity of several sponsors has made it possible for the Arts Alliance to upgrade its sound system by adding two presenter microphones. There should be no problems hearing this year’s presentation!