2017 Fran Achen Photography Competition

The Whitewater Arts Alliance sponsors the Fran Achen Photography Competition and Show each year to commemorate the work of Whitewater-area photographer Fran Achen. Fran made many of the locally well-known photographs which document daily life and historical events in the Whitewater area during the mid- to late-20th century.

The competition is in its eight year; this will be my third year serving as its chair. Seeing the world through others' eyes and seeing what others find interesting in the world is what I like the most about the Fran Achen show. Well, that and the great photography.

Photography is interesting in many ways but perhaps the most interesting to me is how several photographers can be at the same location at the same time yet come back with such different photographs. One might shoot long, one might shoot wide, one might lie on the ground, one might photograph the ground itself, and on and on and on.

The 8th Annual Fran Achen Photography Competition, sponsored by the Whitewater Arts Alliance, is open to all photographers of all ages. It will run during the month of July, 2017 at the Cultural Arts Center in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Entry forms will be due in June 2017.  

Full information is available here.