Basic Framing Video Class

Just put the finishing touches on my video class "Basic Photo Framing Using Frame Kits". It expands on an earlier blog post of mine, "Basic Framing", which was, more or less, a written out form of my basic framing workshop presentation. 

Join me as I demonstrate how to frame your photos simply and inexpensively using off-the-shelf frame kits. This free video covers frame kits: what they include, when to use them, their pros and cons, and how to get good results using them. It covers mounting wire hanging hardware on the back, which is essential for most photography competitions, including the annual Fran Achen Photography Competition sponsored by the Whitewater Arts Alliance. Most of the class is a how-to demonstration.

Please enjoy the video and post any questions and/or comments here on the blog or on my contact form. Cheers!

You can refer back to a specific segment by moving the video play head to the listed time index.











What is a Frame Kit?

Taking Measurements

Tools & Materials


Hinge Mounting

Mounting with Photo Corners


Attaching Wire Hanger

My favorite line: [when discussing the proper length of screw to select for the frame] "If you mount the screw into the frame and it comes through the will not be a good day." Words to live by.


The video was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR using a Canon EF70-300mm f/4-5.6L USM lens at 70mm focal length using f/4 for the host segments and f/8 for the demonstration segments.. Sound recording was done with a Rode SmartLav+ microphone run to camera audio line in and Shure SM81 condenser microphone run to Tascam DR-40 Linear PCM recorder. The set was lit with continuous light from two large octagonal softboxes, each with nine daylight-balanced fluorescent bulbs on full power. Video editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro with sound editing being done in Adobe Audition. Titles were created in Premiere Pro with supplemental graphics from Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

2017 Fran Achen Photography Competition

The Whitewater Arts Alliance sponsors the Fran Achen Photography Competition and Show each year to commemorate the work of Whitewater-area photographer Fran Achen. Fran made many of the locally well-known photographs which document daily life and historical events in the Whitewater area during the mid- to late-20th century.

The competition is in its eight year; this will be my third year serving as its chair. Seeing the world through others' eyes and seeing what others find interesting in the world is what I like the most about the Fran Achen show. Well, that and the great photography.

Photography is interesting in many ways but perhaps the most interesting to me is how several photographers can be at the same location at the same time yet come back with such different photographs. One might shoot long, one might shoot wide, one might lie on the ground, one might photograph the ground itself, and on and on and on.

The 8th Annual Fran Achen Photography Competition, sponsored by the Whitewater Arts Alliance, is open to all photographers of all ages. It will run during the month of July, 2017 at the Cultural Arts Center in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Entry forms will be due in June 2017.  

Full information is available here.

Antelope Canyon

Over the years we have visited Antelope Canyon several times. It is a magical experience, even in the summer when the crowds of people create pandemonium in the confined slot canyon spaces.

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are slot canyons near Page, Arizona. Antelope Wash flows through the Navajo Nation on its way to Lake Powell, near the Glen Canyon Dam. "Flows" may not be the best term as the wash is usually dry. When it is not dry, it is often in a flash flood, complete with raging torrents of water, dirt, rocks, uprooted trees, and sundry debris picked up by the desert rain. 

Stay away if there is rain in the forecast anywhere in the surrounding area. People have been killed in flash floods in these canyons.

The catalog has information about prints and how to order them.

I hope you enjoy the video. Please post any comments.